A Long 历史 of Service and Growth

唐纳德·世界博彩公司十大排名博士 Guthrie Medical Group

Guthrie Medical Group is a multispecialty group practice that was founded in 1910 by Dr. 唐纳德·世界博彩公司十大排名. Within a year of his arrival, Dr. Guthrie expanded services at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital as he recruited physician specialists to join Guthrie, which he intended to model after the Mayo Clinic where he had just completed his residency.

Learning and Education

学者 are a distinguishing characteristic of the Guthrie organization, which date back to 1901 when the School of Nursing was founded. The 唐纳德·世界博彩公司十大排名 研究 Foundation started in 1942 and with funds from the Emily Guthrie Estate, the Guthrie 研究 Institute was formed in 1980. Guthrie's commitment to learning and education has continued throughout the years, with the inclusion of the: 

  • Internal Medicine Residency program, founded 1958 
  • General Surgery Residency program, 1959 
  • Family Medicine Residency program, 1993 
  • Podiatry Medicine and Surgery Residency program (卢尔德医院), 1995
  • Cardiovascular Fellowship program, 2009 
  • Nurse Residency program, 2011  
  • Family Medicine Residency Program (卢尔德医院), 2015
  • Pharmacy Residency program, 2017 
  • Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine Fellowship program, 2018 
  • Gastroenterology Fellowship program, 2018 
  • Emergency Medicine Residency program, 2019 
  • Anesthesiology Residency program, 2019 
  • Orthopaedic Surgery Residency program, 2021 
  • Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Fellowship program, 2023 
  • Hematology-Oncology Fellowship, 2023  
  • Internal Medicine Residency Program (卢尔德医院), 2023


Guthrie has grown in size and capability in the last century, and now serves as a major regional referral center where more than 1,600 physicians send their patients. In 1977, Guthrie opened its first regional office in Troy, Pa. 今天, Guthrie has 76 regional offices located across 10,000平方英里, providing primary  and specialty care and testing to its patients, close to where they live.


In addition to its longstanding relationship with Robert Packer Hospital, Guthrie acquired Troy Community Hospital in 1985, 康宁医院 in 1999, Towanda Memorial HospitaL在2015年和 Cortland Medical Center 2019年和 卢尔德医院 in 2024. 


今天, one of the longest established group practices in the country, Guthrie has close to 1,000 primary and specialty care physicians and advance practice practitioners and has more than 1.5 million patient visits each year in 29 communities in 宾西法尼亚 and 纽约. Guthrie’s commitment to its core values of patient centeredness, teamwork and excellence—the defining values upon which Guthrie Clinic was founded— remains robust and unchanging.