Guthrie is dedicated to improving health outcomes and providing high-quality, accessible care to those in underrepresented groups such as the LGBTQ+ community. 

This June, Guthrie celebrates Pride Month in recognition of our LGBTQ+ patients, caregivers and community members. We also celebrate in remembrance of the LGBTQ+ individuals throughout history who courageously advocated for dignity and equality for all. 

Learn more about what our organization is doing this year to celebrate this occasion. 

Local Events 

This year, Guthrie is participating in the following local Pride events. We encourage members of our community to attend and celebrate safely. 

Are you an LGBTQ+ affiliated organization seeking future sponsorships? Please click here for Guthrie sponsorship information. 

Caregivers Honoring Pride Month 

Throughout June, our hospital locations will proudly display Pride flags, signifying our support for the LGBTQ+ community. We invite caregivers to join in the celebration every Friday during the month by wearing Pride-themed accessories, such as jewelry, scarves, or socks. This is an opportunity for our staff to visibly partake in and promote inclusivity.

Pride Month Art Feature

This year, we are excited to showcase the artistic expressions of our caregivers, illustrating their personal reflections on Pride Month. We welcome submissions across all art forms including, but not limited to, paintings, sculptures, drawings, digital creations, and mixed media projects. Caregivers interested in sharing their art should send their works to Jordan Mente at All submissions should be appropriate for a professional environment.